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www.slovenci.si is a comprehensive communication project by and for the Slovenian community in neighbouring countries and around the world. Under the auspices of the Government Office for Slovenes Abroad, this web portal aims to create, encourage and maintain a flow of information between Slovenes outside of Slovenia and strengthen their active communication.

About The Government Office for Slovenes Abroad:

The Government Office for Slovenes Abroad, led by the Minister for Slovenes abroad, Mr. Gorazd Žmavc, carries out tasks related to the Slovene minority in neighbouring countries and Slovene emigrants around the world. The Office maintains constant contact with Slovene minority and emigrant organisations promoting their cultural, educational, economic and other relations with the home country and organising conferences, seminars, tenders, etc. By means of public tenders, the Office ensures close collaboration and financial support of the Republic of Slovenia for programmes and projects involving Slovenes in neighbouring countries and abroad. The Office is also responsible for monitoring and cooperation with other relevant ministries, on topics related to Slovenes abroad.

For content-related questions, contact:

The Government Office for Slovenes Abroad

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e-mail: urad.slovenci@gov.si

tel: +386 1 230 80 00, +386 1 230 80 02

fax: +386 1 230 80 17

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